Silk Fabric Care

With proper care, silk products can last a lifetime without losing their quality. As it is a natural fibre, how you store, wash and wear your silk will impact the longevity of its life. Contrary to popular beliefs, you do not have to always bring it to the dry-cleaners to clean it, which can be extremely costly and not a sustainable option in the long run. 


Handwash in cold water with a detergent meant for delicate fabrics, or with a mild shampoo (silk protein fibres are similar to our own natural hair). Just a little detergent/shampoo goes a long way. 
Hand wash with similar colours. Do not bleach as the harsh chemicals will damage the fabric. 
Do not wring or tumble dry. Gently press any excess water out from the silk fabric using a towel. 
Air dry if possible, the natural and more sustainable way. But avoid drying it in direct sunlight as it may cause discolouration. 
While it is still slightly damp, use a steamer or iron on a low temperature (most irons offer settings meant for silk) to remove the creases.