A Clean Slate

Globally as our lives slowed down, more time was spent on evaluating our way of life and a voice for all things sustainable began growing louder. A movement started for everything ESG (Environmental, Social, Corporate Governance) and people began paying more attention to businesses taking a conscious effort in reducing their carbon footprint. 
We believe that fashion practices can adopt a sustainable mindset and should stem from a core part of every brand – a weave into every aspect of the brand’s identity. Silk Stories was conceived with the understanding that silk is a natural fabric that is biodegradable, completes a circular process and one of the strongest natural fibre. Beyond its sustainable features, silk looks and feels so damn good on the skin - everyone could use some silk in their lives!
A conscious decision was made that plastic packaging would have no place in our brand as part of the efforts to be mindful of the environmental impact. Our Care Guide cards are also locally sourced and made from seed paper. Plant it and watch it bloom! 
Specifically for the silk face masks, we will be shipping them out in another type of paper-made box, wrapped with acid-free paper for hygiene purposes, along with home-compostable mailers. We intentionally avoided the use of the conventional polybags and polymailers which are made of non-biodegradable plastic polymers. 
We are constantly exploring ways that we can create a more sustainable brand or process. Feel free to drop a feedback or suggestion at hello@silk-stories.co!
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